How FIBO can make agriculture waste more sustainable.

Our world is very complex! meaning if consumption stopped completely, most of our systems and industries would come crashing down… so It’s not a black and white situation… Yes, we need to drastically reduce our consumption, but the biggest part of it is to learn and be educated on how to do so in a sustainable way so we can then activate it. Putting it into context for example; We won’t stop industries such as agriculture because we need to eat. What we need to do is to learn how to farm sustainably. This means knowing the value of both the harvest and the waste.

Creating a purpose and value for agri-waste will ensure less pollution and chemical use, fewer landfills as well as new alternative natural byproducts produced to replace harsh man-made plastic-based products we currently rely on.

This will be the start of securing a healthy, livable world for not only our children but all our future generations to come. By educating ourselves and starting somewhere. We individually can make a great difference!