Agricultural Waste Mining: A new way to become sustainable

Farming Innovation By-Products Operations (FIBO) goal is to revolutionise Agricultural Waste Management. FIBO is currently working with farmers who are focused on sustainable bioprocess and are unique entrepreneurs who love to innovate and improve their practices for a better tomorrow. 

In Australia, there are numerous ways to deal with agricultural waste. Let’s take pineapple farms as an example:

A pineapple crop can produce 2 pineapples per plant in a 36-month cycle; after harvesting the last crop, farmers are spending a considerable amount of time, using tractors to chop down the plants and leaving them to rot on the fields. After this lengthy process, which could last up to 6 months, multiple insecticides and fumigants will be used to avoid nematodes for the following crops.

FIBO is developing a platform to transform agricultural waste effectively from sugar cane, pineapple and banana crops, just to name a few, into new raw material.

Platform system 3D simulation
Platform system 3D simulation

FIBO’s platform system (provisional patent registration) conceived by FIBO in late 2018/2019. It gives the farmer an immediate solution for the collection of agricultural waste. Minimising time and saving thousands of dollars, in cleaning and clearing the bays or rows for new crops to come. This new technology can reduce farmers’ normal waiting periods by a 1/3 before the next crop.